DIY Art: Swiped Colors

I discovered this DIY by doing what I do best, pinning. Peace, Love, Pinterest. ammmiright?

DIY Art: Swiped paint art #supereasy #diyart #cheapart #paint

Anyway, this is an extremely easy project, and is super fun to do. It takes no artistic skill at all. Zero, zip, nada. Let me repeat: no artistic skills needed. Sign me up!

Grab a piece of heavy duty paper (if you’re framing your masterpiece) or a canvas. Size doesn’t matter here, folks. I opted for 8 x 10. Then gather paint and paint brushes. I typically use 3 or 4 bottles of acrylic paint, and end up with 5 colors total (I like to add whites, golds, etc. to my paint to create more shades). For the paint brushes, go for whatever you have on hand. But, I think the thicker the stripes, the cooler the finished product looks.


Super easy #diy art project!

Once you have gathered your supplies and mixed your paints, you are ready to get your hands dirty (well, not really. Like I said, it’s a super easy project). I typically start with the middle stripe, then work my way out. That way the stripes will stay centered on the paper/canvas. Feel free to swipe over your paint stripes more than once. Once you are happy with the first color, dip your paint brush in water and dry off with a paper towel. Pick your next color and continue!

What a fun and easy DIY art project!

Very easy #DiyArt project!

Tip: I like to swipe my paint brush on newspaper or scrap paper to get some of the extra paint off the brush. Once you swipe on the actual piece, it creates a more “feathered” look (like the dark gray swipe in the photo above). Get creative, folks. This is a really fun project!

DIY art: using swiped colors

It may take you a few tries before you get the result you are looking for. As you can see in the picture below, it took me a few tries to get what I ended up framing (middle piece of paper):

DIY Art swiping project

Once you are finished, frame your final project and display it in your home/apartment. You can also lean it against a wall, or display it on a bookshelf! In the picture below, you can see that I placed mine on my window ledge next to my books (check out the DIY wood stump bookends!).


What you need:

  • Canvas OR thicker piece of paper (if you’re framing), whatever size
  • Paint, preferably 5 different shades
  • Egg carton for mixing paint, optional
  • Paint brush
  • Cup of water for cleaning paint brush
  • Paper towel
  • Frame (optional)
  • Artistic skills

What did I tell ya? Easy peasy, lemon squeezy! 😉 Post your finished products in the comments below. Happy swiping!