My Go-To Green Juice


Since I began juicing 3 months ago, I have gotten pretty comfortable with creating my own recipes. When I was new to the whole juicing thing, I would only stick to  the recipes that I researched. After a few weeks of reading blog posts, watching a handful of YouTube videos, and reading a few books at the library, I was ready to start creating my own recipes. Through trial and error, I learned my most important rule when juicing – stick to one color.  For example, if you’re going to make a carrot juice, use orange fruits and vegetables – sweet potatoes, orange peppers and oranges. If you’re going to make a green juice, stick to green fruits and veggies. If you happen to mix orange and green produce in your juice, it will turn the juice  brown. Sure, it might still taste good, but if you’re new to juicing, a dark brown colored juice is going to completely turn you off.

greenjuice copy


If you have a juicer, I encourage you to give my green juice recipe a try. I juice every single day, and this is always my go-to. If you’re new to juicing, throw an extra apple in there to mask the grassy taste of the vegetables (you will get used to that with time, I promise).


green juice ingredients

Tip: Juice the kale and spinach first. Once you add in the apples, cucumbers, celery, etc., it will help push the rest of the kale and spinach leaves through the juicer.

New to juicing? Use this guide to learn what fruits and veggies need to be cored, chopped and prepped!

What is your go-to juice? Hope you enjoy mine!

– tnn

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